Process-data preparation made easy.

You use process mining to remove the friction from your business processes.
Let Konekti help you remove the friction in your data preparation. 

Fix the 80/20 rule in process mining

with other tools
with Konekti
80-20 before
80-20 after

The data preparation tool for process mining

With Konekti, process mining teams work within their own private cloud to produce trusted event logs. It combines no-code technology with a best-practice framework to make data preparation for process mining fast, reliable, and easy.

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Meet the first Konektici

In 2019, we founded Waves Process Intelligence out of a passion for a technique we stumbled upon in Eindhoven University of Technology: “It shouldn’t be that hard to apply process mining in practice”, we kept telling each other. Now, we are building Konekti out of frustration: “It shouldn’t be that hard to apply process mining in practice.”

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