This is Konekti

The no-code transformation tool that helps process miners create event logs from process data. With its process mining-centric workflow, every member of the process mining team can quickly prepare the data that your process mining tools need, while you maintain full ownership of where the data is stored.

Transform your data, transform your processes

Konekti step-by-step

Extract, prepare, tailor.

1. Extract from any source system

Extract the process data you need from any source system using our Airbyte integration.

2. Prepare the process data fast

Select relevant process data with ease in a way that’s both modular and comprehensible for all team members. No coding necessary.

3. Tailor to analysis type and tool

Create the event log in the format your analysis tool expects it. Konekti handles the chore of restructuring the data to the format you need, with full support of object-centric analysis.

Process data preparation made easy

Prepare with ease

Using SQL for process data prep results in brittle event logs and confusing data lineage. Instead, use modular, no-code transformation steps that are easily understood by all.

One-shot mapping

Use Konekti’s one-shot mapping approach to look only once at each source table and directly map all necessary data points. Eliminating endless back and forths within source data.

Collaborate to accelerate

Load templates made by other users to accelerate your set-up. Adopt and adapt these to fit your specific implementation of these systems.

Never lose context

Have the event log you’re building at your fingertips with continuous previews in the Log designer. Always have a sample trace available.

Finetune and match your business logic

Use Konekti’s no-code filters to precisely select what you need to match your business definitions. Finetune fast, while working in an interface with the entire process mining team.

Seamless source system

Connect to any source system or data warehouse you want using our Airbyte integration. Combine any number of system connections within Konekti to enable an end-to-end picture of your process.


Full flexibility in tool

Create flexibility in selecting the tool to use the prepared data. Use tool A for traditional process discovery, tool B for other analyses. With Konekti as the tool for data preparation, all the tools share the same, trusted dataset.

Own your data

Keep your process data private and secure within the realm of your own data infrastructure. Konekti can be deployed within your own cloud environment, so the data remains fully within your control.

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