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The website launch was a massive success. We’re excited to see so many people interested in making data preparation for process mining easier than ever. And that’s not the only thing: last month was packed with good news.

So let’s get started, shall we?

As a response to the last newsletter, someone asked how we collaborate effectively while working on different continents. And, to be honest, it took us some time to adapt. What helps, is that Konekti gives us a strong common ambition and that Lotte doesn’t mind starting her day early. What also works to our advantage, is that Maarten is big on gadgets. He found us ‘Meneer de Uil’, which works like a Jabra on steroids

But despite having great gadgets, the big discussions are better saved for when we work together. Usually, this means Lotte flying back to the Netherlands.
This month, Niek and Maarten flew in the opposite direction, giving us ample opportunity to hash out some technical problems in discussions that heat up from time to time. 

Furthermore, our intern Bram is tackling the challenge of connectivity; how do we ensure Konekti can safely tap into a broad range of systems?
Since we cannot write the connectors for every system, he’s looking into data extraction tools that we can embed. If you have experience with an extraction tool Bram should consider, please let him know (bram@wavespi.nl). And if you don’t, feel free to send him an e-mail to wish him good luck! 

Bram van Bebber

Next to that, our demo paper got accepted to the International Conference on Process Mining! That means that we will be on stage during the Demo Day.  If you’re also going to be present at the ICPM, let us know so we can say hi! The paper will be published on the ICPM website, so keep an eye on it!

Last but not least, we’re still looking for more pilot partners: if you have an operational system on which you plan to do process mining, and you’d like to partner up in the data preparation phase, please reach out! 

Cool, right?

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