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First things first! We’re happy to announce that we’re actively looking for partners! If you have an IT system on which you plan to do process mining, and want a kickstart in your data preparation phase, reach out!

What else is new? We’ve coded, tested, and tested some more, and now we’re finally here: ready to demo! ?

At the ICPM, we demoed Konekti for the first time and it went great! The turnup was good, and the questions triggered new ideas. If you weren’t there but want a sneak peek, just send an email to Lotte ( or Maarten ( to set something up. 

There was a lot of interest in our demo!

We’ve once heard the founder of Pixar explain that the first version of a film always sucks. That a lot of iterations are necessary before you have material in your hands that you’re proud of.
Well, we don’t know about the first thing, but we definitely agree with the latter.

With Konekti, we reached a point a while back where we got stuck. It did what needed to be done, but it didn’t feel right. With the help of a very competent group of local UX/UI experts we completely re-arranged the UX and UI and bam, now we have a version in our hands that feels great. In the upcoming sprints, we’re planning its implementation. In the upcoming sprints, we’re planning its implementation.

Cool, right?

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