Creating a Routine


The end of the year is in sight! And that means we’re also closer to launching Konekti. Read on if you’d like to know more about our product and our whereabouts. Reach out if you have questions or would like to see a demo in January.

Creating the ultimate data transformation routine

With Konekti, we’re trying to make data transformation for process mining easy. “Transform your data to transform your processes”, so to say. But to do that, we need to create the optimal workflow to transform process data. We’re getting there.

Roughly, the routine to build your event log in Konekti contains three steps:

  1. Connect to your source system.
  2. Select the objects and activities that are relevant for your process
  3. Select one case object and “flatten” the event log.
Conceptual description of the workings of Konekti

Explaining the vision to non-process-miners

How do you explain data transformation for process mining to people that neither know process mining, nor data transformation? This month, it was the first time we were asked to pitch Konekti to a group of non-process-miners. It was interesting to tweak our story to explain it to a whole different target audience. It went well!

Our Christmas wish list

In short, we’re rolling on, looking forward to being able to launch our product in 2023. With the progress we are making, we have almost everything we could wish for. Almost, because there are two things still on our wish list:

•             Over the course of last month, we’ve heard process miners from different areas explain that they are looking for ways to increase the control over their process mining data pipelines; aligning the process data pipelines with the pipelines they have set up for other analytics pipelines as to increase the stability and independence. Conceptually, we have worked out a way that that can be achieved with Konekti. If you’re looking into ways to increase the data ownership of your data pipelines, please reach out! That would help us greatly validate this idea.

•             We’re still looking for more pilot partners! If you’d like to pioneer to speed up data preparation for process mining, you know where to find us!

Cool, right?

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