Wishes and Meta Predictions

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We hope you started 2023 happily and safely. When I (Lotte) reflect on last weeks, I can only say that it is going to be a great year if the rest of the year unfolds in the same fashion. For the first time in months, we’ve been able to work together in the same room. Bram even came into the office while his internship was on hold (who needs a vacation when you enjoy your work so much?). And although a lot of people were enjoying some time off, we’ve had some excellent meetings for potential pilots with Konekti. We were also able to sit together, announce our ambitions for 2023 and cheer on the new year. Admittedly, we did it “start-up style” over cava from coffee mugs, but we had a good time.

Predicting 2023

When it comes to process mining, a lot of predictions have been made for 2023. Needless to say, the expectations for this year are high (and somewhat opaque). Instead of making our own predictions, we’ve put some time into summarizing the ones we’ve seen on LinkedIn (call it a “meta” prediction):

  1. Time-to-value and measurable gains will be top priority for process mining initiatives.
  2. Citizen developers will be able to adopt process mining with the help of templates and new technologies.
  3. The development of advanced process mining technologies will continue.
  4. Process mining will be more closely integrated with other technologies.
  5. There will be a greater focus on real-time process monitoring.

We can find ourselves in most of these predictions. The pessimistic take is that’s the confirmation bias speaking. But on a more optimistic side, it’s nice to see that others share a similar vision for the process mining future!

But the best way to predict the future is to create it. We’ve now started to test Konekti on a multitude of test databases. Ensuring its applicability to a large number of systems will be our main focus throughout this month. Are you curious to see what Konekti can do? Konekti’s product page is now live, explaining some of its most important features with screenshots. And for those that want to see it in action, there’s a demo button on the website as well, where you can schedule a demo with Maarten.

That’s all for now! Happy mining!

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