The Sudden Arrival of the MVP


Although it feels like last week that I wrote February’s newsletter, according to my calendar another month flew by. So here we are again with another newsletter! This time: gloating on the readiness of our MVP, the inclusion of our most innovative feature yet, and as always, a lookout to next month.

Progress is not linear

Progress isn’t linear. When building Konekti, we saw that too. At times we seemed stuck in a cycle of resolving an issue only to see another one pop up somewhere else. Progress seemed to stagnate. But two weeks ago, Niek published the sprint release and it seemed as if the sky had opened. Suddenly, all the features worked together seamlessly. No matter the data we throw at it, Konekti chews it, swallows it, and poops out nicely structured event logs. Quite suddenly, we’ve got ourselves a Minimum Viable Product!

Me visualizing “expected progress” versus “actual progress”. I’m no artist, but you get the idea!

The feature awaiting its catchy title

In addition to completing all the necessary features for the Minimum Viable Product, the Log Designer has also been implemented. The Log Designer might require a less functional and more catchy title because it is definitely our most innovative feature yet. You see, preparing data for process mining is iterative. Whenever you include a new document, or a new activity, you want to validate that you did so correctly and want to understand how this change affects the result – the event log. With the Log Designer, you never lose context.

Pictures don’t do it justice, but we can’t brag about a feature without showing it.

So, what’s next?

Maarten continues to ensure the software is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Lasst week, he ran another round of user tests to explore any issues that first-time users have when getting introduced to the tool. At the same time, Niek is preparing our tool for distribution, and Bram is fixing small, unforeseen issues that pop up in the process. As for me, I’m working with Maarten to prepare the pilot projects. Clearly, plenty has been done, but there’s more to come!

User tests are serious business, but sometimes they are unexpectedly funny.

That’s it for now. If you’ve reached this point in the newsletter and think: I’d love to see Konekti in action, reach out! And for everyone: happy mining!

This meme was inspired when reading the process mining definition below.

Cool, right?

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