Reflecting on a Remarkable 2023


Here we are for our final newsletter of 2023. It’s been two months of hard work and anticipation, and we’re excited to share some of our accomplishments and plans with you!


We’re looking back on a successful first year for Konekti. Highlights were the product launch, the product presentation at the International Conference on Process Mining in Rome, and successfully executing our inaugural pilot project. Now, we’re psyched for next year. We’ve proven to ourself that Konekti significantly reduces the time it takes to prepare data for process mining. 2024 will be the year we prove it others.

Innovation in action

We continuously add new, better ways to prepare process data in Konekti. In the past month, we’ve introduced two noteworthy features that streamline the process of preparing process data:

  • Effortless file merging: with just a click of a button, you can now seamlessly merge files in Konekti.
  • Swift timestamp creation: recognizing the importance of accurate timestamps, we’ve enhanced our timestamp formatter to handle a wider range of cases.

From 3 > 5 – welcoming new team members

We’re expanding – this February, we have the pleasure to welcome Bram and Ryan for their graduation projects. Bram will focus on improving the user management – the control of user accounts and their permissions. Ryan will concentrate on auditing, ensuring users can view what has changed since their last data preparation work. We’re sure that their arrival will bring new ideas, fresh insights, and a new team dynamic. However, it means we had to redecorate the office. Luckily, Christmas came early this year!

Unwrapping the new desks.

What’s in the name?

The entrepreneurial road is full of surprises, and one amusing revelation has been the consistent misspelling of our name. From Konnekti to Konnekty, Connekti, and my personal favorite ‘Connecty,’ we’ve seen it all. To up everyone’s grammar game (and keep ourselves warm), we’ve added coats and hats adorned with our correct name to our wardrobe. It’s a fun touch that also serves as a conversation starter!

Heartfelt thanks

Before we close 2023’s last newsletter, a  quick word of thanks. Many of the newsletter subscribers have been around from the very beginning, and have guided us in the design, gave feedback on the software, and have advised us on how to go to market. Thanks for being part of our journey. Here’s to an even more remarkable 2024!

Last but not least: Discover the power of Konekti

Curious about how Konekti can turbocharge your process mining data preparation? Dive into our increasing knowledge base:

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That’s all for now, happy mining! 🌟

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