Better Blueprints and New Faces


Welcome to our latest update! We’re eager to share our latest advancements, discoveries, and changes to our team.

Better blueprints

How to speed up data preparation for process mining? We ask ourselves this question every day. Our first feat was to make Konekti low-code and structured. With our low-code approach, engineers and analysts can quickly get up to speed. Our structured framework minimizes the clicks needed to create the process data model. Now, we have enhanced the third game-changer: Enhanced blueprints.

With our blueprints, users could already recycle the data preparation done on one system for another one. Now, we advanced them to make them work even if the underlying data varies slightly. Curious to witness it in action? Reach out and take Konekti for a test drive!

3 + 3 > 6: Welcoming new talent 

Things are buzzing at the Konekti office! We welcome Bram, Ryan, and Koen as our new interns, bringing fresh ideas and enthusiasm. 

Spot the missing link: where did Koen go?

Wanted: senior front-end engineer

We’re looking for a senior front-end engineer to join our team. These individuals are highly sought after, making them challenging to find. Any leads or connections you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Even if it’s just a friend-of-a-friend who might be interested, your referral could make a significant difference. Please consider sharing our LinkedIn post to help us find the ideal candidate for tackling the unique challenges of the process mining industry. Thank you for your support!

In the spotlight: us

Women in Process Mining featured Lotte from our team. You can check it out here!


So, what’s ahead? We’re putting the finishing touches on our blueprints, continuing our pilots, and actively searching for that elusive front-end engineer.

And what’s ahead for you? If you want to accelerate your process data preparation, dive into our knowledge base:

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That’s all for now, happy mining! 🌟

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