Konekti’s First Version Is Ready! 🚀


Last month, we released Konekti’s alpha version after developing it for the last 18 months. The development process had its ups and downs; we had to learn by trial and error how to translate our process mining experience into a tool that can help others prepare process data faster. We celebrated this major milestone with customers, partners, and friends at the 5-year anniversary of our company. Now, our eyes are set on preparing the pilot projects. With multiple parties, we have reached the final planning stages. Clearly, exciting times are ahead! 

Deploy, deploy, deploy

From the get-go, our vision for Konekti was that it should run wherever the data resides. We chose to deploy with Docker to facilitate this. Now, we’re preparing pilot projects with our lighthouse customers and we’re quickly realizing there’s a LOT of ways to deploy with Docker. I’m talking differences between clouds, multiple instances, single instance, managed databases or containerized databases, Kubernetes. The list goes on. Figuring out the different choices and testing Konekti in different environments took a lot of time this month. The silver lining is that we’re now more ready than ever to deploy within the environment that you may have yourself!

Another first: OCED export

A big effort within the process mining community has been going on to define a new process data exchange format, the OCED standard. A standard for exchanging process data is key to be able to zoom out from your internal business processes to create a view of the end-to-end ecosystem across suppliers, distributors, and customers. Konekti is the first tool to offer a data export in this new exchange format. If you’re thinking of working with the OCED data, or if you’re working on inter-organizational process mining, reach out! We’d love to assess whether the export functionality supports your efforts.

Object-Centric Data Model

The process mining conference season has kicked off this month! As usual, is used by various vendors to present their newest innovations. This time, Celonis announced their Object Centric Data Model. We are huge advocates of modelling your process data in an object-centric way; it resembles better how systems store process data, how people think of processes, and how processes run. That’s why we doubled down on this concept very early in Konekti’s development.

Maarten instructed me not to dive into the technical details of how object-centric modelling works in Konekti, or how it works in relation to Celonis’ Object Centric Data Model. We will save this topic for a blog post! Keep an eye on our LinkedIn or our website to get into the object-centric trenches later this month!

What’s next?

This month, the focus remains on the upcoming pilot projects. Please reach out if you’d like to explore how Konekti could help you prepare process data faster. And if you’re attending one of the many conferences in June, feel free to drop us a message and meet up for that human Konektion!

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